Cheaping out on SMB IT

A short article by Courtney Ruben at Inc. titled;¬†Study: IT on the Cheap Causes Problems echoes my thoughts on IT spending in the small to medium business. One example in this article outlining how SMB’s can leak dollars out of their IT spending.

The above by Courtney Ruben article gives a few statistics, but lets take a quick look at this one;

The most needed upgrade: Faster processors, cited by over a third (35 percent) of businesses.


That is the deadly part as far as IT costs right there.Pennies

Faster processor, more RAM – it does not matter. What matters from a cost perspective is the lost productivity from sub-par gear in the first place, and then the cost in time for IT staff to perform that upgrade while another business staffer sits on their hands during that same upgrade process.

Sometimes trying to save pennies will cost you dollars.

Photo Credit DaMongMan via flickr

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